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Throughout the history of top division football in England twenty four teams have managed to get their hands on the first division trophy at least once. Of those twenty four teams, six of those have managed to win the Premier League trophy – Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Leicester City, Manchester City and Manchester United. At the start of the season, the Betfair English Premier League odds suggested that two times Premier League champions Manchester City would end up lifting the prestigious trophy in May. This prediction ended up being correct as the Pep Guardiola led side managed to storm the league, breaking multiple records along the way and on course to break the all-time Premier League point total record, most wins, most goals and the biggest title-winning margin.

There’s no doubt that this season has been an enjoyable one for City fans as they’ve seen their team destroy every team they’ve come up against and broken multiple record in the process. Other teams in the league may not have lived up to the expectations which were expected of them, but there is no doubt that fans have seen moments of brilliance when they’ve watched their team over the years and been entertained in the process.

Thanks to the ever increasing amount of money which is being invested in football and the Premier League, clubs no longer rely on match-day revenue as their primary source of income. Despite this, clubs are still trying to find ways of getting more and more people into their stadium, usually by offering cheaper tickets to local fans or by reducing season ticket prices to some fans in order to create a better atmosphere in the stadium. The majority of the fans who end up buying season tickets every season are usually the most passionate fans who invest a significant amount of money into the club so they can watch their team live. The season ticket is usually the biggest upfront cost for any fan of a Premier League club, but there are other expenditures which fans will make throughout the season. For example, it is likely that the majority of fans will buy some food and a drink during the game. Have a look at this infographic which breaks down what fans will spend their money on throughout the season, and the average amount of money a fan will have to splash out during a Premier League season.

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